Your Other Job

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You are the CEO of a company.

There is no board of directors. The fate of the company lies solely on you.

Every day, you make decisions that determine the success of the company. Some days you might make good decisions, and some days you won’t.

You might have some trusted advisors that guide you in your role as CEO. But it’s not their job to lead the company to success, it’s yours. You can take their advice or you can ignore it, but it’s important for you to remember that it’s your choice, and your responsibility.

The company is yourself.

Each of us make decisions throughout our lives that have the power to guide the direction that we take. You decide how to spend your spare time, what career path to follow, what projects to work on. You decide when to rest and when to keep working. Remember that each action that you take is tallied into whether or not the company becomes successful.