Hello, I’m Keegan Rush

Keegan Rush iOS Software Developer

Keegan is an iOS software developer at heart, but currently working with Go and React in order to streamline your mobile app releases at Runway. He is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently living in Poland. Keegan loves to build iOS apps in organizations big and small and to provide guidance to other developers looking to get into Swift and iOS.

Keegan started mobile app development in 2014, with the bulk of that in iOS after he eventually realized that Windows Phone was going nowhere fast.

He’s an avid long distance runner who loses himself in sci-fi audiobooks while he runs. In his spare time, you can usually find him watching a good movie, playing retro games or hacking around on an Arduino.

Each day Keegan sharpens the saw by reading the latest development articles over his morning coffee and building prototype apps. His favourite areas of focus are Swift and iOS development but he also likes to focus on general software practices.