Hush Time

Turn off distracting apps for a block of focused time.

How do you stay focused to get quality work done? The Pomodoro Technique is a great way. Simply setting focused blocks of time for yourself is another.

However you do it, emails, IMs, and other distractions always seem to pop up and ruin the flow of focussed work. But you can’t just close your apps, can you? Forgetting that your email has been closed for the past two days is an easy way to lose your job!

Exit distracting apps and relaunch them automatically

Hush Time is there to keep pesky distractions from interrupting your flow. Select the apps you’d like to close. Choose a duration for your focussed block of time. Hit Start, and you’re ready to go. All your distractions will be closed, and will only open at the end of the block of time that you chose.

Select a duration and hit start

Or use the Pomodoro button to start a new Pomodoro

Pomidoro button