App development as it should be

Are you looking for a professional software developer that can give you high-quality work when you need it? Work with me and I’ll transform your idea into a smooth, bug-free, working application.

I have been a professional software developer for long enough to know that it’s about more than just code. My goal is to build the product that will make sense for you and your customers.

Software development within budget and on time

You want good quality work. Something that isn’t going to fall apart as soon as a developer tells you that it’s ready. But, in this fast-paced world, you need it quickly as well. Before someone else starts selling the great idea that you’ve worked so hard on.

My main objective is to help you ship the right product at the right time.

A thorough attention to detail

It’s the little things that separate an okay app from a great one. It needs to be clean, quick, and consistent. All the time. My work isn’t done until everything fits that description.


"An all-round asset ... his skills are essential to any software development company." - Uteshlen Nadesan

"Hardworking, learns at an amazing pace, and most importantly, he has a great attitude!" - Shaun Havelaar

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